Jan 10, 1764 - Marriage of Philippe de Louvieres, legitimate son of late Michel de Louviere, Officer of the Militia, and of the late Jeanne Boulogne, heretofore residing at the establishment of New Chartres (Illinois), to Miss Marguerite Goulin, daughter of the late Mr. Simon Goulin and of Miss Louise Langlois, resently wife of Mr. Antoine la Sonde, inhabitant of Prairie du Roche.


GOULIN,MODESTE, NAVARRE, MONROE COUNTY, MICHIGAN , maried 12th NOV 1850 (sources Monroe County, Michigan Dibean Marriage Index)


"Beep" GOULIN a hockey Boston player who was 17 years old when the Bruins played Détroit in 1943. He was the younger of the team.


Ricky GOULIN, adopted in september 7th of 1953 at general hospital of Port Arthur (Texas).


Ev GILMORE married Dick GOULIN (they have one female child) - her brothers Charles GILMORE and Ralph GILMORE, born Oct. 1881, Galion, Ohio (Crawford Co.) - Father James GILMORE - Mother Sarah PRICE GILMORE.


Geo GOULIN, birth in 1872, married Linda GRABER in 1897 (USA)


Michael GOULIN, exhibitor in the National Model and Hobby Convention - Chicago October 1998, in the plane category.


Gregory D. Goulin, LL.B (1974) - http://www.wnd-biz.com/goulinpatricklawyers/ : Greg has extensive and broad experience in forensics and the practice of criminal law, having attended the Canadian Forces Security and Intelligence School as an officer in the Security Service, he was also an Assistant Crown Attorney and prosecuted everything from vicious dogs to homicides. His extensive experience in the prosecution of commercial crime and complex frauds led to his eventual involvement in corporate, real estate and estate law in private practice.

Greg also taught forensic science and criminal investigation for 14 years and is presently an instructor in criminal law and procedure at the Ontario Bar Admission course. Criminal Defense work still constitutes a major part of his practice after more that two decades before the courts. 

Walter Richard Goulin lived in Cuyahoga, Ohio serve in the World War 1917-1918 .



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