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of  GOULIN & BASCANS families

Last update 2019/07/25

Goulin and Bascans genealogy on line


BASCANS Genealogy


The French practical guide of genealogy

Census of Goulin all over the World

Research engine of emigrate french people

Jean GOULIN ennobled in the year of our lord 1522

Families GOULIN in Canada and USA 
. .

Genealogy of the patronyms
Goscelin, Goulinus, Goullin, Gollin, De Goulaine Goulain, Golein & Gouellain, Golej, Golias, Golin, Gaulin


U.S. Genealogical Forum

St Hèlene medal-holders

With Google

Have a look at the Champagne produced

by the GOULIN-ROUALET family

Historic Map of Goulin and Goullin families in France


All patronyms studied by the author

The Goulin writers since the 17th century

the Goulin artists since the 18th century


Distribution of Goulin families
France and caribbean islands


Jean Goulin famous medicine professor born in 1728

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