. GOULIN & GOULET Families in Canada & USA .
. Familles GOULIN et GOULET au Canada et aux USA .
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GOULIN of Canada, descendants of Jacques GOULET, french immigrant landed in New-France in 1646

(GOULIN du Canada, descendants de Jacques GOULET, Français ayant débarqué en Nouvelle France en 1646)

Descendants of Mathurin GOULIN, french immigrant landed in New-France in 1657

(Descendants de Mathurin GOULIN, imigrant Français ayant débarqué en Nouvelle France en 1657)

GOULIN location in Ontario today

(Répartition des GOULIN en Ontario aujourd'hui)

Others families GOULIN settled in Canada and USA

(Autres familles GOULIN installées au Canada et aux USA)

Address of GOULIN in Canada in 2000

(Adresses des GOULIN domiciliés au Canada en 2000)

Map of GOULIN in North America

(Carte des GOULIN  d'Amérique du Nord)

Thomas GOULET biography (in french)

(Biographie de Thomas GOULET en Français)

Jacques GOULET biography (in french)

(Biographie de Jacques GOULET en Français)

List of Goulin residents in Buckingham (Québec) 1861

(Liste des Goulin résidants à Buckingham (Québec) en 1861)

Others GOULIN settled in Québec in 1891

(Autres GOULIN implantés au Québec en 1891)

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 Descendants of Jacques GOULET in Canada & USA

 NB. This genealogy has been made by Dylan CURTIS from Amherstburg (Ontario - Canada)

 1 Jacques GOULET was born in April 17 of 1615 in Normandel (Orne) He was the son of Thomas GOULET and Antoinette FEILLARD.

On November 21st. of 1645 at La-Poterie-au-Perche (St Pierre parish) not fare from the city of Mortagne (France) Jacques GOULET married Marguerite MULIER (MAILLIER), who was born in 1631, the daughter of Jean MULIER (MAILLIER) and Catherine CHAUVIN. In 1646 they emigrated to Canada and settled at Sillery (Quebec). Jacques and Marguerite GOULET parented a large family which included seven sons.

Jacques GOULET died November 26th of 1688 and was buried at "L'Ange Gardien", Montmorency County (Lower Canada).

 Known children of Jacques GOULET and Marguerite MULIER :

 1- René GOULET qui épousera Catherine LEROUX (en 1670) d'où 5 enfants, toutes des filles.
2- Nicolas GOULET, premier enfant de la seconde génération à faire souche au Canada, filleul de Nicolas JUCHEREAU, baptisé le 15 décembre 1647 à Québec Il épouse Sainte CLOUTIER le 24 décembre 1672 à Château-Richer. Il fut le père de sept enfants dont deux fils qui embrasseront l'état du mariage : Jean GOULET avec Marguerite BLOUARD (d'où 7 enfants) et Louis GOULET avec Marie-Anne QUENTIN (d'où 8 enfants).
3- Louis GOULET qui épousera Marie GODIN (en 1682) d'où un fils, Louis GOULET, qui épousera Thérèse  ROUSSIN (sans postérité).
4- Charles GOULET (qui suit)
5- Thomas GOULET qui épousera Marie Marguerite Louise PANCATELIN (en 1683) d'où 10 enfants dont 3 fils. Deux d'entre-eux fondèrent des foyers : René GOULET avec Catherine RIVIERE d'où 6 enfants et Ignace GOULET avec Marie-Barbe DUCONGé d'où 6 enfants également.
6- Antoine GOULET qui épousera Marie-Madeleine GUYON (en 1692) d'où 11 enfants dont 3 fils; deux se marièrent : Joseph GOULET avec Geneviève RATé d'où 6 enfants; Jacques GOULET avec Marie-Anne LETARTRE, puis avec Marie-Josèphe LENORMAND d'où 8  enfants.
7- Joseph GOULET qui épousera Anne JULIEN (en 1692) d'où 9 enfants dont 5 fils; trois se  marieront : François GOULET avec Marie-Madeleine BéDARD (d'où 12 enfants) ;  Louis GOULET avec Marie-Josèphe HUOT (d'où 6 enfants) ; Antoine GOULET avec Marie-Angélique LABERGE (d'où 7 enfants).














 1.1 Charles GOULET, son of Jacques GOULET and Marguerite MAILLIER (MULIER), was born in 1656 at Sillery, on November 11th of 1686 at L'Ange Gardien he married Marie-Anne RANCIN, daughter of Charles RANCIN. They have 14 children and three of them married : Joseph GOULET (who follows), Louis GOULET with Françoise-Charlotte LANGLOIS (6 children) and Augustin GOULET with Marguerite BERTRAND (no children known). Charles GOULET died in 1717.

(French translation) Charles GOULET a épousé le 11 novembre 1686 Marie-Anne RANCIN (fille de Charles RANCIN) d'où 14 enfants dont 4 sont décédés en bas âge. Il a eu 3 filles et 7 fils adultes dont au moins trois se marièrent :  Joseph GOULET (qui suit) ; Louis GOULET avec  Françoise-Charlotte LANGLOIS (d'où 6 enfants) et Augustin GOULET avec Marguerite BERTRAND (postérité inconnue). Charles GOULET est décédé en 1717.


 1.1.1. Joseph GOULET, son of Charles GOULET and Marie Anne RANCIN, was born in Lower Canada in 1708. he married on the 22nd of February, 1734 at St. Sulpice, Lower Canada, Thérèse JOUAN (JOARD), daughter of Nicholas JOANE and Marguerite CODERRE.

 1.1.1. Jean-Baptiste GOULET, son of Joseph GOULET and Therese JOUAN was married at St.Sulpice February 26, 1770 to Anne HÊTU daughter of Jean Baptiste HÊTU. Basil GOULET, son of Jean-Baptiste GOULET and Anne HÊTU, married Geneviève DURAND, daughter of Ambroise DURAND and Geneviève LEVESQUE, at St Elizabeth de Joliette in February, 1810.

 Ref: The above information was researched for Joann Delmore Tomlinson by Pare Antonin Loiselle, Couvent Des Dominicains, Montreal, in 1984. Basil GOULET Junior, was born January 6th of 1810 near Montreal.

He married Scholastique LAUZON, on February 22nd, 1841 at Notre Dame d'Ottawa, she was born June 20th. of 1823 at St. Rose (near Montreal), daughter of Michel LAUZON and Josephe BRISBOIS. Basil and Scholastique (Coleste) GOULET came to Essex County in 1846 and settled in Malden Township where they raised a large family. Basil died in Malden on the 25th. of November, 1881.

Around the year 1900 Scholastique (Coleste) GOULET went to live with her daughter Vitaline (Miss. Richard SHAW), where she died March 22nd. of 1915 in her 93rd year. Basil GOULIN's family lived in Malden, Lot 40, Concession 4. After his death the land was listed in the 1883-4 Directory of Malden in his son Salem first name.


Basil GOULET and Scholastique LAUZON had twelve children, as follows : Vitaline GOULET, born in Lower Canada c. 1843, died in Malden September 10, 1916 - buried St. John the Baptist Church, married at St. John the Baptist Church November 5, 1867 Richard Shaw, son of John SHAW and Victoire GRONDIN. Marie Delima(s) GOULET, born in Lower Canada c. 1845, died in Amherstburg March 22th. of 1920 - buried St. John the Baptist Church, married at St. John the Baptist Church (Amherstburg) June 29th. of 1869 with Pierre Chrysostom HAMELIN (born Jan 19, 1849, Amherstburg, ON CAN - Death. Aug 9, 1947, Amherstburg, ON CAN), son of Jacques HAMELIN and Elizabeth RENAUD. Their childrens are : Laurie AMLIN,Vitaline AMLIN, Louis Bazile AMLIN, Francis Adolph AMLIN, William Charles AMLIN, Victor Solomon AMLIN, Adolphus C AMLIN, George Albert AMLIN, Louisa Eva AMLIN, Herbert Joseph Hamlin. Henri Salem GOULET (GOULIN), born in Malden November 12th. of 1847 ; died in Anderdon September 30th. of 1931 - see more details below. Basil GOULET, born February 3rd. of 1850, twin of Basilie GOULET, died August 1st. of 1850 - buried St. John the Baptist Church . Basilie GOULET, born February 3rd. of 1850, twin of Basil GOULET, died in September 3rd. of 1863 - buried St. John the Baptist Church . Joseph Ulric GOULET, born in Malden March 8th. of 1852, married at St. John the Baptist Church February 25th. of 1873 Felice DESLUPPE, daughter of Pierre DESLIPPE and Louise SENESAC. Pauline Leah GOULET, born in Malden August 13th. of 1854, died January 7th. of 1944 in Amherstburg - buried St.Alphonsu, married at St. John the Baptist Church November 4th. of 1891, Jean Baptiste LUCIER, Junior, son of Jean Baptiste LUCIER Senior. Her obituary said his wife was Mrs. Peter LUCIER. Richard Melchior GOULET, born in Malden October of 1856 ; died January 4th. of 1857, buried St. John the Baptist Church . Alexander Ludger (also called Eugene) GOULET, born in Malden November 12th. of 1857, died January 13th. of 1912 - buried St. John the Baptist Church ; married Mary Delphine HAMELIN daughter of Jacques HAMELIN and Elizabeth RENAUD. Adele GOULET, born in Malden March 6th. of 1860 ; married at St. John the Baptist Church November 25th. of 1879, Henry DESLIPPE, son of Simon DESLIPPE and Soulange GIRARD. Hilaire Adolphe GOULET, born in Malden February 21th. of 1862 ; married at St. John the Baptist Church February 9th. of 1885, Angelique HAMELIN (sister of Alexander GOULET spouse), daughter of Jacques HAMELIN and Elizabeth RENAUD. Mathilde GOULET, born in Malden February 26th. of 1867 ; died March 16th. of 1867 - buried St. John the Baptist Church .

SPELLING 0F NAME : According to information obtained in the census records, Basil and Scholastique were flot able to read or write. The records researched in Quebec indicates that the name was definitely GOULET. There was also a family named Goulain, but that was a completely different group. How the name came to be spelled GOULIN in this district is flot clear but usually in the case of illiteracy the name remained as it had been spelled by a priest, minister, teacher, census taker, etc. For instance, the census taker in Malden 1851 spelled the name Goulard - it would appear that he wasn1t too sure either. Henri Salem (Solomon) GOULIN (GOULET), was born in Malden November 12th. of 1847 and he was baptized the 2lst at St. John the Baptist Church, Amherstburg.

He was the third child of Basil and Scholastique GOULIN, and the first to be born in Essex County. Salem (also called Solomon) was twice married and fathered tweive children with his two wives.

His first wife was Elizabeth ATKINSON, who was born November 10, 1851 and christened at Christ (Anglican) Church Amherstburg, daughter of James Atkinson and Alice Woodhouse. The marriage was celebrate at St. John the Baptist Church in November 24th. of 1869. His wife was the daughter of James ATKINSON and Alice WOODHOUSE ;

Salem was 22 and she was 18 years old. Elizabeth gave birth to five children. She died November 16th. of 1882 of consumption just six days after her 31st. birthday. Her burial service took place from Christ Church presumably to Rose Hili but the record does not specify where she was buried.

Five and a half years later, on May 10th. of 1888 at St. John the Baptist Church Salem (Solomon) GOULIN married Ellen (Nellye) KEMP who was born October 7th. of 1869, daughter of Wallace KEMP and Emma SUMMER, field, and adopted daughter of Pierre DESLIPPE and Sophie BERTRAND. What became of her parents, is not known but on February 15th. of 1874, when Nellie was four and a half years old, she was baptized at St. John the Baptist Church and raised by Pierre and Sophie DESLIPPE (in some records her name is noted as DESLIPPE rather than KEMP).

When Nellie married Solomon GOULIN she was 19 years old and he husband was 41 years old. She gave birth to six children, five of whom grew to adult-hood. Nellie died June 27th. of 1912 of Bright's Disease (she was 43 year old).

Salem (Solomon) GOULIN and his family lived in Malden and Anderdon. In 1881 they were listed in the Anderdon census. He is listed in the 1903 Anderdon Directory as "tenant" at Lot 3, conc. 3. He lived until September 30th. of 1931. He and Nellie were both buried in St. John the Baptist cemetery.

The children of Solomon (Salem) GOULIN and Elisabeth ATKINSON are : George Henry GOULIN, born Sept 3rd. of 1871 - bp at St. John the Baptist Church Sept 5th. of 1871. He became Americain and was living in Akron (Ohio) when his father died in 1931.

Assumed descendant of George Henry GOULIN (or Richard Walter GOULIN, his brother?)
Bertha GOULIN ?, born 10th december 1898,
died june 1986 in Minnesota (USA) William James GOULIN, born July 27th. of 1873- bp at St. John the Baptist Church Aug 3rd. of 1873, he married Rena McLean. He died in Oct 5th. of 1952 and buried in Erie cemetery. Alice Mary GOULIN, born July 2nd. of 1875- bp at St. John the Baptist Church July 25 of 1875, he married Edward BURNS in May 10th. of 1898 at St. John the Baptist Church. She died April 22th. of 1937 and buried in St. John the Baptist Church cemetery. Edward J. GOULIN, born April 7th. of 1878, he married in June 7th. of 1905 at McGregor with Mary Adelaide (Della) PILLON, daughter of Daniel PILLON and Harriet LEMAY. He died May 27th. of 1959 and buried in St. John the Baptist Church. Richard Walter GOULIN, born March 1st. of 1880 - bp at St. John the Baptist Church in March 8th. He became Americain and was living in Cleveland (Ohio) in 1931.

In the 1881 Census of Anderdon Township we found : Solomon GOULIN (Age 32), Elizabeth GOULIN (Age 29), George GOULIN ( Age 10), William GOULIN (Age 8), Alice GOULIN (Age 6), Edward GOULIN (Age 4) and Richard (Walter) GOULIN (Age 2)

The children of Solomon (Salem) GOULIN and Nellie KEMP (DESLIPPE) are : Louis Joseph GOULIN, born March 10th. of 1889 - bp at St. John the Baptist Church in March 14th. He died in February 22nd. of 1892 and buried in St. John the Baptist Church. Laura Matilda GOULIN, born February 2nd. of 1891- bp at St. John the Baptist Church in Feb. 15th. of 1891. She married Stephen Melbourne BRATT, son of William J. BRATT and Rachel BRUSH on March 5th. of 1916 at St. John the Baptist Church and married again with (unknown) in Feb 28th. of 1920 at St. Andrews Presbysterian manse. She died in January 2nd. of 1974 and buried St. John the Baptist Church. Frederick Roy GOULIN, born Nov 15th. of 1893 - bp at St. John the Baptist Church in Nov 26th. He married (in October 11th. of 1920 at St. John the Baptist Church, Amherstburh, Essex County - Ontario) Della M. RENAUD, born in 1898, daughter of Joseph Maximum RENAUD and Annie (Anne) TOURANGEAU. Frederick Roy GOULIN died in June 30th. of 1959 and buried in St. John the Baptist Church. Della M. RENAUD died in october 24th of 1976, buried the 26th. at St. John`s Cemetery, Amherstburg, Essex County - Ontario. Lottie Victoria GOULIN, born May 21th. of 1896 - bp at St. John the Baptist Church May 31st. She married William PERRAULT, son of Moise PERRAULT and Jeanne HEBERT in January 8th. of 1923 at St. John the Baptist Church. Orville (Orval) Theodore GOULIN, born September 12th. of 1900. He was baptized September 23rd. at St. John the Baptist Church (his godparents being Richard GOULIN and Evelyn ANILIN). On October 4th. of 1921 at St. John the Baptist Church he married Eva BOUFFORD who was born October 28th. of 1903, daughter of Frank BOUFFORD and Rose ALLEN. Eva was baptized Rose Eva Geraldine BOUFFORD at St. John Baptist Church on November 1st. of 1903. Her godparents were Walter KING and Ethel BOUFFORD. Orville and Eva raised five children in Amherstburg before his death which occurred December 3rd. of 1957 at their home on Simcoe Street. Elizabeth Helen GOULIN, born in September 29th. of 1902, - bp at St. John the Baptist Church in Oct 11. She remained single, died in February 5th. Of 1987 and buried at St. John the Baptist Church. Marie Dora GOULIN, born in November 4th. of 1905- bp at St. John the Baptist Church in Nov 19th. She married Claude Joseph REAUME, son of Philias J. REAUME and Eliza AUBIN, in Oct 14th. of 1929 at St. John the Baptist Church.

The children of Orville GOULIN & Eva BOUFFORD are : Orville GOULIN Jr. married Dorothy SHEPLEY Joyce GOULIN married Joseph MAITRE Noreen GOULIN married Donald PIPER Rose Ann GOULIN married Elmer GYORI Clayton GOULIN married Glenna TAYLOR (daughter of Walter H. TAYLOR and Gertrude Marie Agnès BASTIEN), their children are : Alayna & Gayla GOULIN). Clayton GOULIN is died in ..................... at ........................ ( ..........) Gayla GOULIN married with .............. CURTIS .1 Dylan CURTIS Alayna GOULIN married with .............. 



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Others GOULIN in Québec


In the 1891 Census, Malden Township we found : Saul GOULIN 43 years old (see Solomon (Salem) GOULIN & Elisabeth ATKINSON), Ellen GOULIN 21 years old, George GOULIN 19 years old, William GOULIN 17 years old, Edward GOULIN 13 years old, Louis GOULIN 3 years old and Laura GOULIN 3 months old. They are th



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 Descendants of Mathurin GOULIN landed in 1657


Mathurin GOULIN, arriving from the french city "La Rochelle", passenger of the boat "Taurus" landed off at New-France (Canada) in june 21th. of 1657. This landing has been recorded by the Jesuits .

GOULIN, capitaine de vaisseau vers 1709 (source : Institut Québecois de recherche sur la culture - conférence tenue à l'université de Laval le 30 septembre 1982 par Benoît Lacroix et Jean Simard - publication en 1984)
Il est né probablement vers 1670, captaine de navire, naufragé au Québec (Canada) en 1709, le vaisseau est représenté dans un tableau placé dans l'église Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré (détruite par un incendie en 1922). Dans c tableau on remarquait au milieu des membres d'équipage un moine récollet priant de toutes ses forces (source : Revue de géographie, Volumes 36 à 37, Ludovic Drapeyron, C. Delagrave, 1895 hôtel Serpente à Paris ; tableau référencé également dans les Œuvres complètes de l'abbé Henri Raymond Casgrain ( 1873)
Goslin ou Golin né vers 1690, en 1723 au Québec, à l'ïle d'Orléans, on trouve 9 familles Goslin ou Golin (sources : La France aux colonies: études sur le développement de la race ... - Page 309 - par Edme Rameau de Saint-Père - 1859). 



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Some others GOULIN families in Canada

Catholic sources

Pierre Ange GOULIN, witness of a marriage beetween Jean-Baptiste TOUPIN and Marthe POULET in Quebec the 20th. July of 1765


1828 Drummond Island inhabitants Source

Pierre GOULIN has been transfered from Drummond Island to Penetanguishene in 1828


Canadian army census (first world war in France)

Fred GOULIN, matricule 3130984 - RG150 - (Ref. 1992-93/166 Box 3681-53)


Others canadian GOULIN from ONTARIO

Edward GOULIN, born in Quebec on 1814/15, french carpenter, roman catholic, 56 years old, resident in Ottawa district - Rideau Ward (B) (Ref. C-9999-C-10,000- RG31 - - statistics Canada). Sources 1871 Ontario Census

Joseph GOULIN, (born in Quebec on 1843/44), french Laboureur, roman catholic , 27 years old resident in Ottawa district - Ward East (Ref. C-10,014-C-10,015 - RG31 - statistics Canada). Sources 1871 Ontario Census

Louis GOULIN, (born in Quebec on 1840/41), french Clerk, roman catholic, 30 years old, resident in Ottawa district - Victoria Ward (B) (Ref. C-10,013 - RG31 - - statistics Canada). Sources 1871 Ontario Census

Mary GOULIN born in ~1870 married Joseph LAFOUNTAIN . They had the following children: Silas LAFOUNTAIN born on 31 Aug 1901 in Saranac, Clinton, New York. He died on 28 Mar 1962 and was buried in Dannemora, Clinton, New York. Silas LAFOUNTAIN married Rose Natilda (Ethel) DROLLETTE on 18 Aug 1925 in Dannemora, Clinton, New York.

Francis GOULIN, born in ~1877, 28 years old, farmer, Ontario, Hungerford, s/o Francis GOULIN & Harriet LABAYE, married Catherine Mary KINLAN, 20, Ontario, Hungerford, d/o Stephen KINLAN & Ann WHALEN, within: John GOULIN & Margaret KINLAN, both of Hungerford, 26 April 1904 at Tweed (Roman Catholic) - sources Marriages in Ontario, 1904-1905 (9602-04 (Hastings Co):)

Eva GOULIN (born in ~1880) maried Franck BROTHERS from Amherstburg (Ontario), daughter Teresa Josephine BROTHERS born Sept 28th. of 1910

Robert GOULIN born in ~1940 married Carol Ruth Mary STOVER (born 1937),

Gaston GOULIN born in ~1940 , french canadian tales writer, author of "Contes et nouvelles du Québec - Montreal Editions cosmos 1970.

Greg GOULIN, born in ~1950 , lawyer, member of the Criminal Lawyers'association of Windsor (Ontario). Avocat, membre de l'association des avocats pénalistes de Windsor (Ontario).

TH GOULIN-DECARIE, born in ~1950 , psychologist, co-author with M. RICARD of the book : "L'humain et l'inanimé pour l'enfant de 9 à 10 mois" in Quebec 1990.

Donna GOULIN, born in ~1950 , Iona College Representative to University of Windsor board of gouvernor in 1997 (Ontario).

Sheryl GOULIN, born in ~1950 , one of the Founder' of the Club of the University of Western Ontario.

Carolyn GOULIN, débarquement à New-York (USA) en 1953 par le navire Q T E V Queen Of Bermuda

Robert Scott GOULIN born in may 31th. of 1957 married Colleen LONGMIRE,

Robert Bradly GOULIN born in september 27th. of 1963 married Sherry HOSKIN,

Monique GOULIN, born in ~1965, married with Sylvio Francoeur at Montreal the 25th. july of 1992

Robert André GOULIN born in June 1966, married Christine ............

Celeste GOULIN - MacConnachie, born in ~1970, student of Queen's University KINGSTON (Ontario), departement of chemistry, Hon. B SC 1986.Ph.D. 1990.

Elliot GOULIN born in 1986,




Greg GOULIN, born in ~1950 , lawyer, member of the Criminal Lawyers'association of Windsor (Ontario). Avocat, membre de l'association des avocats pénalistes de Windsor (Ontario).

Greg. Goulin graduated from the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law and was called to the bar in 1976. He has served as president of the Essex Law Association, and as Chair of Professional Development and a Table Officer of the Ontario Bar Association and is a Trustee of the Advancement of Legal Education and Research Trust. He was also a member of the National Ethics and Professional Issues Committee of the Canadian Bar Association. For many years he has lectured and instructed at the Bar Admission Course and previously taught in the areas of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science for over a decade after service as an Assistant Crown Attorney. Mr. Goulin is president of The Windsor Residence for Young Men, past president of Scouts Windsor, and served on the boards of, or as pro bono counsel to, many community organizations, including the Steering and Advisory committees of Leadership Windsor. Mr. Goulin’s personal best though is that he was the 2003 recipient of the Dr. W. Kenneth Jaggs Community Award “in recognition of outstanding work for the betterment of youth in Windsor and Essex County”, as well as the Charles J. Clark Award for “Professional Integrity and Community Service” from the Essex Law Association. Most recently he was presented with the Governor General’s Medal of Merit “For especially good service to Scouting”, and the Windsor/Essex Country Real Estate Board’s Community Service Award as well as the Law Society Medal from the Law Society of Upper Canada for his significant contributions to the legal profession. Mr. Goulin is certified as a specialist in criminal law, one of approximately 90 from the 36,000 lawyers in Ontario.

Greg GOULIN diplômé de la faculté de droit de l'Université de Windsor et a été admis au barreau en 1976. Il a été président de l'Essex Law Association, président du perfectionnement professionnel et officier de table de l'Association du Barreau de l'Ontario et est administrateur de le Fonds pour l'avancement de l'éducation et de la recherche juridiques. Il a également été membre du Comité national d'éthique et des questions professionnelles de l'Association du Barreau canadien. Pendant de nombreuses années, il a enseigné et enseigné au cours d'admission au Barreau et a enseigné dans les domaines des enquêtes criminelles et des sciences judiciaires pendant plus d'une décennie après avoir servi comme procureur adjoint de la Couronne. M. Goulin est président de The Windsor Residence for Young Men, ancien président de Scouts Windsor, et a siégé au conseil d'administration ou en tant que conseiller bénévole de nombreux organismes communautaires, y compris les comités directeur et consultatif de Leadership Windsor. Le record personnel de M. Goulin est qu'il a été le récipiendaire en 2003 du prix communautaire Dr. W. Kenneth Jaggs « en reconnaissance de son travail exceptionnel pour l'amélioration des jeunes de Windsor et du comté d'Essex », ainsi que du prix Charles J. Clark. pour «l'intégrité professionnelle et le service communautaire» de l'Essex Law Association. Plus récemment, il a reçu la Médaille du mérite du Gouverneur général « Pour service particulièrement bon au scoutisme », et le Prix du service communautaire du Windsor/Essex Country Real Estate Board ainsi que la Médaille du Barreau du Barreau du Haut-Canada pour ses contribution à la profession d'avocat. M. Goulin est un spécialiste agréé en droit criminel, l'un des quelque 90 parmi les 36 000 avocats de l'Ontario.


Robert Goulin is here, the exchange partner from Quebec, to spend two weeks with us. They are sitting in the gallery today and we welcome them both.

Robert Goulin est partenaire d'échange de Québec, pour passer deux semaines avec nous. Ils sont assis à la tribune aujourd'hui et nous leur souhaitons la bienvenue à tous les deux.


Canadien ayant référencé des informations sur les GOULIN sur GeneaNet : Date de dernière mise à jour : 20.07.2004 - Date de sa dernière connexion : 24.08.2004 Informations sur le contact - Identifiant : shyfish38 - Nom : Michele DUPUIS - Adresse postale : 199 Finchley Montreal, Montreal, Quebec UND - Langue maternelle : Anglais (adresse e-mail :

Décès d'Hilda Rosemary CLANCY épouse Goulin

Hilda Rosemary CLANCY, de Kelowna, et résidant de longue date du delta dans le centre cottonwood est décédée le 12 septembre, 2002 à l'âge de 88 ans. Elle est grandement regretté par son mari affectueux de 65 ans et ses deux enfants: Deana (Dale) Goulin de Brampton Ontario, et Art (Donna) de Vernon; ses cinq petits-enfants et ses 11 grands petits-enfants. Un service commémoratif sera tenu à la chapelle Memorial Funeral Services, avenue 1211 de Sutherland le mardi 17 septembre 2002 à 11:00 heure du matin. A la place des de fleurs, ses amis peuvent faire des donations à la société d'Alzheimer B.c. 865 Bernard Ave. Kelowna. Des condoléances peuvent être envoyées à la famille en visitant le site www.firstmemorialkelowna.com du Memorial Funeral Services Kelowna. Tel. 250-762-2299

 American Version : CLANCY Hilda Rosemary of Kelowna, and long time resident of Delta passed away in the cottonwood Extended Care on September 12th, 2002 at the age of 88 years. Survived and greatly missed by her loving husband of 65 years Bill, her two children: Deana (Dale) Goulin of Brampton Ontario, and Art (Donna) of Vernon; five grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. A Memorial Service will be held from the Chapel of First Memorial Funeral Services, 1211 Sutherland Ave. on Tuesday, September 17th, 2002 at 11:00 a.m. In lieu of flowers, friends who so wish may make memorial donations to the Alzheimer Society of B.C. 865 Bernard Ave. Kelowna. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting www.firstmemorialkelowna.com Arrangements in care of First Memorial Funeral Services, Kelowna. 250-762-2299

Ginette Turcott : Waitressed for many years at area restaurants. Ginette (Duquette) Turcotte, 58, Suncook Terrace, Merrimack, died at Community Hospice House in Merrimack, on Feb. 5, 2002, following a lengthy illness. She was born in LacMegantic, Quebec, Canada, on Sept. 11, 1943, the daughter of Edmund and Alma (Goulin) Duquette. She had resided in Merrimack for the past two years, previously residing in Hudson for more than 30 years. She had been employed in the Nashua area as a waitress for many years at various restaurants including the former Greenridge Turkey Farm restaurant in South Nashua. Prior to coming to the United States she taught school in Canada. In her younger years, she enjoyed singing. She also enjoyed being with her friends. She was a member of St. Louis de Gonzague Church in Nashua and held membership in the Daughters of Isabella of the church. She was educated in Canada and received an associate’s degree in teaching.Family members include two daughters, Cindy Cipriano of Merrimack and Brenda Robinson of Bedford; a son, Paul Turcotte of Mooresville, N.C.; three grandchildren; a brother, Norman Duquette of Sherbrooke PQ, Canada; three sisters, Pauline Doucet of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, Jacqueline Poirier and Lisette Poirier, both of LacMegantic, Quebec, Canada; and several nieces, nephews and cousins. Funeral services were held Feb. 8 from the Davis Funeral Home in Nashua, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial in St. Louis de Gonzague Church, Nshua. Following cremation burial was in St. Louis Cemetery, 752 West Hollis St., Nashua. Memorial donations may be made to the American Cancer Society, New Hampshire Division, Inc., The Gail Singer Memorial Bldg., 360 Route 101, Suite 501, Bedford, NH 03110-5032. 

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