GOULIN au Burkina Faso

 Buffalo is always treated with great respect, because of its strength and size. Buffalo features suggest a brave and strong man. The Tussian people of Burkina Faso carve a characteristic buffalo mask with a square face and stylized horns. The "Goli-Goulin" buffalo demon mask of the Baule people of Ivory Coast is horizontally attached to the head of the dancer who wears a whole body costume made of raffia. Sometimes, a real buffalo horns are attached to a wooden mask, as for example, in the art of the Bijogo people of Guinea Bissau

Abdallah Abou Goulin de l'Agence musulmane d'Afrique (AMA) a, au nom des Organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) islamiques incité les musulmans à travailler avec sincérité pour le bien-être de l'Islam (extrait d'un site du Burkina Faso).